Our Product

Amplify Yields Starting with the Seed

AmpliFYR™ is a proprietary seed treatment for row crops that increases seedling root and shoot growth, improves seedling vigor, and enhances the ability of the seedling to tolerate abiotic stress. As a result, the use of AmpliFYR™ leads to a more consistent, uniform, and vigorous establishment of the crop, increasing the potential of higher crop yields.

The Science

This patented product is made from natural ingredients extracted from high quality biochar. With a climate smart foundation using fire to make the base ingredient, the science behind AmpliFYR results in a seed treatment with proven results to stimulate seedling root and shoot growth, improve seedling vigor, and enhance the ability of the seedling to tolerate abiotic stress.

The Proof

From multiple years of independent research as well as on-farm trials, AmpliFYR performs in a variety of conditions to consistently help plants start and stay strong and finish at their potential and profitability. This means growers have a sustainable option to protect their seed investment with the new patented AmpliFYR by enhancing and protecting the plant from stress resulting in improved vigor vitality, greater growth potential and yield opportunities.

The Application

AmpliFYR can be mixed and applied with other products in a seed treatment slurry or applied as an overtreatment to already treated seeds. AmpliFYR is safe to use with seed-applied inoculants. Always conduct a jar test to confirm mixture compatibility. Dilute product with water as needed to achieve a consistent, uniform application to seed.